The History of Vigilante Force

This all started around the year 2000, when we were n00bs and PC gaming just starting blooming. The first game I [amp] played was Delta Force 2. A short while after narkoman joined me along with other people and we started our PC gaming history. We were on various clans/squads, created various clans/squads but all ended up failing because we just didn’t have much dedication. 

After about a 2-3 year span around 2003-2006 we stopped gaming and were out of the game for a while. Then around the end of 2006 I began to play WarRock with my cousins (exkluzive and wolfy). This was an interesting game that had some unique features at the time, which included a very competitive clan system, with rankings and everything. So in March of 2007, we decided to create a clan called Vigilante Force. We had a great run during that year finishing with a record of like 60 win and 2 losses. However the clan was disbanded with much argument and immaturity. 

The following year in 2008 we started our own website and reopened the clan. We now kept track of all the records in all the games we played together as a team. We were in WarRock, Crossfire, Combat Arms, and Delta Force 2 at the time, but the competitive play died down soon in all the games. We were able to close off the 2008 year with 24 wins and no losses. The year 2009 was a whole year of WarRock, and we were able to play so many games that year and really bring our record to higher stats. 

Following year we bought a website to be professionally made and also came to Modern Warfare 2. However MW2 didn’t have much for us and we didn’t establish ourselves very well there, hell MW2 just wasn’t made for any clan to really play. We still managed to rack up some wins there and some more on WarRock as well. We are here now in 2014 and been playing Modern Warfare 3 for quite a few months. We are hoping to expand into COD Ghosts. Also we currently operate on Xbox 1 as well.


Above the Law since March 2007