Looking for players
By: - ampitude 05.10.2016

Just wanted to say whats up to everyone and mention we are still alive, Battlefield 1 looks awesome hopefully a game we can get into. We are currently seeking players still to grow more and actually have individuals who can keep it going as we get older and older, those who have more time to keep the tradition and competitiveness going. Add me on steam if you are interested. Also happy 9th birthday to us... hopefully it lasts forever!

Been back but no updates
By: - ampitude 10.01.2015

First off, we have finally cut ties with the MW3 division of vF. It was just time as the game was pretty much dead and only had hackers playing anymore. We want to thank everyone who was there for the long period of time and we induct #1 American Infidel, Chillin, MerK, Deege, and Killcrazy in the honorary member club for Vigilante Force. These guys are welcome back to the squad whenever they choose to come back and are always welcome to use our teamspeak services.

The new news with us now is that we mainly play CS:GO. We have been playing this now for almost a year and its defiantly a much harder game to learn. It takes a lot of skill and dedication to get better as a team on here, and not heavily rely on single performances like other games. Most of us originals are still here with an addition of few others who we picked up. Please check the roster page for changes. Also we started playing CEVO open are slowly progressing as this game takes a while to master.

That's all for now, I will try and keep the website more up to date! As always thanks for stopping by.

Been too long since any updates.
By: - ampitude 02.18.2015

First off thanks for everyone thats still around here GRINDING with those vF. tags. I took the forums down because they keep getting botted and tons of spam.. we aren't really active to have someone manage them. Some players are still playing PC MW3 and those are the true dedicated members. Narko and I have been on CS:GO and getting better daily. We plan to start a division on there but not any time soon as we are still learning the competitive scene.

A huge annoucement we have is the restart of the XBOX1 AW division. Our boy Aldin/Homiciide is leading that division and we are proud to sponsor him in his endevors. Please check out his twitch @ twitch.tv/homxcide

Thanks for dropping by the site again and we are still AROUND, we may not be active but we are still alive.

DayZ Standalone, MW3 Changes!
By: - ampitude 08.31.2014

Welcome all, many new changes in vF. We are now officially on DayZ Standalone playing as a clan, have our own server and are recruiting. If you are 18+ have a mic/ts and are interested in joining please post on forums and we will work something out.

Also lots of new changes in MW3, since most of us are now on DayZ we have given council positions to dedicated members Chillin, Disturbed, and Merk. We hope you guys keep our name to high standards as we have left it. Those who have left us, we hoped you have enjoye
d your stay and we wish you lots of luck for your future.

Those who are still with us, we greatly appriciate it. Soon we still start possibly having some give aways in the clan. Our own Merk has started college and we managed to come together and built him a PC that we will soon deliver.

Updates, welcomes!
By: - ampitude 04.20.2014

Been a while since I've done any updates. Everyone please welcome the following people to the clan.
cmeod, devil, headhunter bunny, highcalib3r
, mtfxpro, nickblue, opticol, raziel, and traveler. Hope you guys enjoy playing with us and stay here for the long run. Please visit the forums daily and contribute to the conversations. Thanks!

Website is complete; newb video ;)
By: - ampitude 03.13.2014

Ok, so the website is all updated finally, I would like to welcome all the new members to Vigilante Force and I hope you find your place in our clan and stay for a long time. The Xbox1 roster isnt completed yet. Also below is a newb video narkoman made of xecurity being a newb. Please enjoy and stay safe everyone ;)

Welcome to the new website
By: - ampitude 03.07.2014

Welcome to the new website. In the first few days I will be working on filling everything in and introducing all the new members we acquired on Modern Warfare 3. We have also branched to the Xbox platform and have a squad going on that. Some of the records have been lost from the old website but most were saved and will be posted up once again. Please everyone stop by the forums and introduce yourself. Also will be mandatory for all vF. members to be registered.